Since 1979, Golden Liquors has been providing excellent customer service along with the best wines/liquors out on the market today. We currently house over 5,000 SKUs, from bubbles to still, ranging from New York Wines to California, all the way to Australia and more. We even have an in-house temperature controlled wine room, with over 100 bottles to choose from. With thousands of different wines/liquors on the market today, we make it extremely easy for you by pre-tasting them first before stocking it in our 4,000 sq ft store. Our wine connoisseur, Herbert C. will pick out the best wines from each winery, either at their own respective winery or the wineries will bring their wines to our location for a private tasting.

Whether you are quick on the go or wanting to learn more about wines, our staff are trained to provide you as much information as possible for your personal needs. This is why, proven, Golden Liquors is one of the leading wines/liquors stores out of New York. Our mission is to provide you with the very best wines / liquors and great values in every category at affordable prices with excellent service.

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